Development Lifecycle

Information about the development lifecycle and when to expect published updates to docker versions.

Feature Development Lifecycle

Planned feature work is tracked in an internal Jira. Users of our tool are welcome to make suggestions and we will “upvote” features that get feedback from multiple customers.

The general development plan will be to make a quarterly release to docker that includes feature enhancements, up upgrades, and bug fixes. The tool, the UI, and the API will evolve over time and we will endeavor to keep backwards-compatibility and add breaking changes in a way that does not interfere with “regular” function of the tool.

Some Major Changes We are Considering

  • Upgrade the user interface from AngularJS to the “Angular 2” family (currently Angular 9)

  • Ability to dynamically handle content updates (rather than require rebuilds of the back-end data)

  • Additional features around concept creation (editing of semantic types, relationships, attributes, definitions, and other features).

  • Improved ability to edit subsets contents as well as define subsets purely based off of expressions.

  • Improved ability to edit mappings (e.g. ability to look up codes before attempting to assign them, etc). Ability to edit mappings through the “Maps” accordion.

  • Additional features around editing workflow (especially as it relates to managing updated versions of a terminology in the context of local changes)

  • Additional features around QA/validation and publishing (e.g. preventing concepts with matching preferred names from being added)

  • Word-embedding based searching capabilities.

Bug Fixes Lifecycle

Bugs will be recorded (and tracked in Jira) as they are encountered and dealt with as soon as we can (and prioritized according to our signed license agreements and terms). Intermediate editions of the docker build will be available to fix software bugs.

If there are bugs related to data, these will be typically addressed by rebuilding data sets rather than supplying database migrations or patch files.