User Management

Information on adding users and changing user passwords. This feature is only enabled if you are using “default” authentication (user accounts managed by this tool).

Adding a User

To add a user, you must be logged in as the “admin” user.

Once logged in as the “admin” user, click on the “Admin” tab near the top and open the “User Management” accordion. You should see something like this:

Click the “Add User” button to open the dialog.

Enter the username, initial password, and role you want that user to have. The only role choices at this time are “USER” or “VIEWER”.

  • USER is a role that supports viewing and editing functions within the application (where editing is enabled)

  • VIEWER is a read-only role.

NOTE: this process provides a starting password for the new user.

When that user logs in for the first time, they should see the Change Password page for details on setting a private password.

Resetting a User Password

Sometimes a user will forget their password and be unable to log in. In this case, the admin user is allowed to set a new password for that user by using the same instructions on the Change Password page.